frank mitloehner sitting in emissions sampling trailer surrounded by machines

Dr. Frank Mitloehner guests on Cows on the Planet Podcast

Clarifies the relationship between cattle and climate change

CLEAR Center Director Dr. Frank Mitloehner joined hosts Kim Stanford, Ph.D. and Tim McAllister, Ph.D on the “Cows on the Planet” Podcast to answer the question, "Can we eat our way out of climate change.” They discuss how diet choices affect the climate, ruminant use of marginal land and implications for global nutrition as well as food security, and the importance of food literacy starting in elementary school.

Dr. Mitloehner explains the difference between net zero carbon and climate neutrality and how cattle industries can reach the point where they no longer add additional warming to our planet. He also discusses the need for smart policies to avoid leakage — which is when a polluting industry, and their emissions, moves from one region to another.

Cows on the Planet Podcast shares science-based information about the beef industry to Canadians with an interest in their food who are also interested in more information about beef and beef production. These podcasts highlight a number of practices and technologies used by the beef industry. They provide a balanced perspective on issues important to the beef industry with a focus on sharing science-based information to increase public confidence in Canadian beef production practices and consumption of Canadian beef.

Kim Stanford, Ph.D. is senior research scientist at the University of Lethbridge.

Tim McAllister, Ph.D. is research scientist in ruminant nutrition and microbiology at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and the University of Lethbridge.


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