Dairy Cows — The Original Upcyclers

Mitloehner lab Ph.D. student Conor McCabe, M.S. explains what constitutes a dairy cow diet and the many ways they upcycle byproducts into high-quality nutrition.

How Dairy Milk Has Improved its Environmental and Climate Impact

Mitloehner lab Ph.D. student Conor McCabe, M.S. explains that with innovation and technology like improved breeding genetics, nutrition research, and better veterinary care a glass of milk today has a much lower environmental footprint than even a few decades ago.

How Carbon Neutral is Different than Climate Neutral

The terms “carbon neutral” and “climate neutral” are part of the lexicon of global climate change terms. Though they are sometimes used interchangeably, they have different definitions. Understanding the nuances is important.

Using Global Emission Statistics is Distracting Us From Climate Change Solutions

It’s often helpful to look at the big picture when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions, as it makes it easier to identify areas we need to focus on, but context is still necessary. Greenhouse gas emissions – as well as production – vary by each country and stating emission numbers without specifying a geographic region can drastically impact our approach to climate change solutions.

What is Carbon Leakage? 

Countries around the world have varying greenhouse gas emissions policies to help limit climate change, with some stricter than others. Carbon leakage refers to a situation where a company decides to move their production from a country with stringent policies, to a country that is more lenient, leading to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions.  

Greenhouse gas emissions: What is the difference between stock and flow gases?

While all greenhouse gases (GHG) have a warming effect on our planet, this warming effect is not equivalent across all GHG. These gases behave differently in the atmosphere and their long-term effects on climate change vary. The major factor contributing to a GHG warming effect is whether it is a stock or flow gas.