WWF offers model for change

NGO maps out net-zero path for dairy industry

By Frank Mitloehner

Dairy will continue to be part of diets around the world, and some regions would likely benefit from more dairy. Given so, looking at reducing its environmental impact will be critical as we tackle climate change. And the WWF is addressing just that in their latest report.

The Bogus Burger Blame

By Frank Mitloehner

One of the most popular meals in America is one of the most maligned.

Climate change is the biggest challenge of our lifetime, which we must address with urgency, but swapping out a hamburger once a month isn’t how we do it. While the burger does have an impact on our climate, which we’re working to reduce, it’s simply not the climate killer it’s made out to be.

Burger King’s “breathe the farts of change” not passing the sniff test

Burger King has been adding lemongrass to cows’ diets in an attempt to cut down on cattle’s methane emissions. Given the greenhouse gas’ role in climate change, it’s a big deal. If nothing else, decreasing methane would buy us time to try and get a handle on carbon dioxide emissions, the No. 1 elephant in the room – and in the atmosphere.

Misleading climate statements rampant in IATP’s dairy report

Imagine if the same time and energy spent attacking livestock were instead spent on the largest climate polluters out there – or even supporting cattle as a part of a climate solution. Yes, cattle can help pull carbon from the atmosphere, and if we work together, we can feed a growing population while also curbing climate change.

Pandemic shows we need a Herculean effort to slow global warming

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us we’re in this together. A united, global effort stands the best chance of eradicating this deadly virus. Same goes for the all-important charge to keep our planet from overheating to the point of no return. Climate change solutions are possible, with the right approach.

It’s time to stop comparing meat emissions to flying

The comparison between livestock and aviation has many nuances, and many times those details get lost in conversations around climate change. The impact of emissions from cattle is often overstated, while aviation's effect on the planet's warming is understated.

Use Your Head – the Amazon isn’t Our Lungs

While the world should be concerned with the tens of thousands of wildfires that have hit the Amazon wonder, the amount of misguided rhetoric that has sprung forth is disappointing. Of the most confounding beliefs is that U.S. beef consumption is to blame for the blazes.

EAT-Lancet’s Environmental Claims are an Epic Fail – and the Commission Knows It

The “universal healthy reference diet” proposed by the EAT commission drastically reduces the amount of meat – especially red meat – and animal products, giving us something that is about as close as one can get to veganism without being all-out vegan. Exaggerating cattle's impact on the environment is only leading us further from climate change solutions.

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