Big oil distracts from their carbon footprint by tricking you to focus on yours

October 16, 2020
By Frank Mitloehner

It’s been two decades since British Petroleum and the marketing agency then named Ogilvy & Mather deceived lots and lots of unwitting Americans into believing the hands of fossil fuel companies are clean of contributing to climate change through imaginative messaging. To this day, their marketing campaign continues to be highly effective in getting the public to take on the weighty responsibility of halting climate change. We’ve cut back on meat, upped our recycling game and made the creative campaign’s key phrase – “carbon footprint” – part of our vernacular.

For methane, GWP100 not measuring up

September 03, 2020

By Frank Mitloehner

Methane is a potent gas, packing 28 times the punch of carbon dioxide. But that sound bite fails to account for the gases’ behavior in the atmosphere. Comparing potency may be valid, but not at the expense of shedding light on warming effects.

It’s time to stop comparing meat emissions to flying

November 13, 2019

By Frank Mitloehner

Millions of people grapple with the effect their lifestyle choices have on climate change, often leading them to draw comparisons between the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of their activities. But the discussion around emissions is full of nuances, and while we often search for easy analogies to paint a full picture of human-related climate impacts, they can create more confusion than clarity.

Carbon Emissions from Amazon Fires Pale in Comparison to Burning of our Fossil Forests

September 11, 2019

By Frank Mitloehner

While the world is focusing on the burning of the immense above-ground Amazon forest, no one is mourning the loss of the (fossilized) forests that lie below the surface of the earth. The ones we are churning through at an unprecedented rate are our ancient forests, commonly referred to as “fossil fuels” with enormous impact on greenhouse gas emissions.

Use Your Head – the Amazon isn’t Our Lungs

September 02, 2019

By Frank Mitloehner

Over the past three weeks, there’s been an abundance of news reports and opinion pieces related to the fires in the Amazon rainforest. It’s not undeserved. At more than 2 million square miles, the tropical rainforest is the world’s largest, not to mention a treasure trove of flora, fauna and landforms. Nowhere on Earth is there more biodiversity. Its beauty alone commands awe and respect.

EAT-Lancet’s Environmental Claims are an Epic Fail – and the Commission Knows It

February 19, 2019

By Frank Mitloehner

The EAT-Lancet Commission’s attempt at establishing a “global planetary health diet that is healthy for both people and planet” was much-anticipated. With a promise like that, it should come as no surprise that the recommendations captured international attention when the study was published in mid-January 2019.

But the excitement around its environmental considerations has fallen flat, at least in circles that rely on science-based evidence to support their conclusions.

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