Simply put, we must better understand the role of agriculture in nourishing our world. At the same time, we need to know where to focus our attention for cleaner air and a healthy climate.

That is where the Clarity and Leadership for Environmental Awareness and Research Center, or CLEAR Center, led by Dr. Frank Mitloehner, comes in.

Based in the Department of Animal Science, in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at the University of California, Davis, the center is committed to high quality research and science communication and bringing clarity to the relationship of animal agriculture, the environment and our daily lives. 

The CLEAR Center is supported by the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources, and philanthropy. Funding for research can be found on Dr. Mitloehner's CV

For requests, please contact Joe Proudman, associate director for communications, in the CLEAR Center. You can find information about digital assets here