Frank Mitloehner working with gas analyzers at UC Davis
Dr. Frank Mitloehner works with gas analyzers at the UC Davis Feedlot in preparation of a research study to measure greenhouse gases and nitrogen emissions from cattle.

Dr. Frank Mitloehner guests on Talking Biotech podcast with Dr. Kevin Folta

Discuss the threat to science articles from The New York Times and Greenpeace pose

CLEAR Center Director Dr. Frank Mitloehner joins host Dr. Kevin Folta on the “Talking Biotech” podcast to discuss the impacts of cattle on climate change and recent articles from Greenpeace and the New York Times pointing to Dr. Mitloener's support from the livestock sector, which as an animal scientist he works closely with to reduce the sector’s environmental footprint. 

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Dr. Mitloehner presents evidence-based strategies to reduce methane from cattle, such as the successful manure methane reductions in California from dairy digesters and his, and others’, research findings for the ability of feed additives to reduce enteric methane, and the power of soil carbon sequestration from well-managed cattle. 

Dr. Folta himself was the subject of an article by the New York Times that accused him of improperly receiving industry funds in exchange for skewing results and communicating lies about genetically modified foods. He sued the Times for defamation, though he lost that case, the investigation did not find any wrongdoing on his part. 

The “Talking Biotech” is a weekly podcast that uncovers the stories, ideas and research of people at the frontier of biology and engineering. Each episode explores how science and technology will transform agriculture, protect the environment, and feed 10 billion people by 2050. Interviews are led by Dr. Kevin Folta, a professor of molecular biology and genomics at the University of Florida.


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